Rhyno Talks How WWE Treats Talent, Promotions ‘Nipping at WWE’s Feet’


Former WWE star Rhyno was recently interviewed by “In The Room” to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Rhyno touched on how important talent’s health is to WWE, staying out of trouble, wrestlers having other major promotions to choose from, and the competition in professional wrestling with there being more options now more than ever.

Here are the highlights:


Talent health being important to WWE: “The health of the wrestlers are very important to WWE,” Rhyno said.  “You’ll hear people trash talk that and it’s untrue.  They encourage people to bring problems to their attention.  They have standard testing equipment like EKG and Ultrasounds on the road.  They go the extra step just to make sure.”

Staying out of trouble: “We’re like one big family in WWE,” Rhyno stated.  “It was fun on the first run, but as you get a little bit older, you mature too.  I try to help the guys and the girls now to try and avoid certain mistakes outside of the ring.  When a company invests time and money into making a person a start, and then they go out and do something stupid, the company will never recoup that investment.  My best advice to talent is to walk away from arguments and to stay away from bars.”

Wrestlers having other major promotions to choose from: “The good thing about it is that it’s good for the talent,” Rhyno said.  “Some wrestlers don’t want to get on the indie scene and hustle.  There’s not a lot of “big name” talent on the indie scene right now because the WWE has signed a lot of them. The indie scene is good for the wrestlers and for the fans.”

Competition in professional wrestling: “It’s very important,” Rhyno exclaimed. “It fuels creativity, and when someone is nipping at your heels you tend to put your best foot forward. It makes the product better.

“Sometimes when a company has such a large lead over their competitors, you don’t have to throw out all you have. AEW has all the momentum in the world, Ring of Honor just sold out MSG, New Japan has a TV deal here in America now, and Impact is doing about 50 shows and live events too. They’re all nipping at WWE’s feet.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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