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News​Rich Brennan Issues A Statement Regarding His WWE Release & Future Plans

​Rich Brennan Issues A Statement Regarding His WWE Release & Future Plans



In a statement to, former WWE announcer Rich Brennan addressed his WWE departure and what’s next for him. You can read the statement below:

As someone who grew up as a wrestling fan, I’m beyond appreciative to have had the opportunity to do something so many dream about.

I’m incredibly grateful to have learned from so many great minds in the business. In particular, I will always cherish learning from and getting to know Dusty Rhodes.

Calling the action for some of the cornerstone moments of NXT as it grew was amazing. Hopefully my enthusiasm and passion translated to viewers.

I’m proud of what I accomplished during my run with WWE. I know I grew as a wrestling announcer, and definitely got better as an all-around play-by-announcer and TV presenter.

I can hold my head up high knowing I worked hard, treated everyone with respect, and generally went about my business quietly behind the scenes.

There’s excitement for what the next chapter brings. I have a passion for hockey and would enjoy calling games again, and feel my style of calling wrestling could fit somewhere if the opportunity arises.

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