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Road Dogg – ‘I Didn’t Like Road Warrior Hawk’s Addiction Storyline In WWE’



Road Dogg wasn’t a big fan of Road Warrior Hawk’s addiction storyline in WWE.

Taking to his “Oh… You Didn’t Know” podcast, WWE’s SVP of Live Events commented on a storyline during the Attitude Era that played into Hawk’s real-life addition to drugs and alcohol. He said,

“I mean, if I’m being honest, I didn’t like it then, [and] I don’t like it now. And probably because it hits close to home with me, you know what I mean? It’s me. It’s me and Hawk are partying on the road, working with each other. You know what I mean? It’s me, and it’s me during that time, and so it’s very close to home.”

Road Dogg added, “And look, they were totally gonna do it from a recovery angle. Like you establish his behavior, and then you go through the process of detox and do all that, so they had the right intentions about doing it … But that’s where they were going with the Hawk story.”

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