Rockstar Spud On The Opportunity He Received From Impact’s British Boot-Camp & Losing To A One-Year-Old


Impact Wrestling Star, Rockstar Spud, was the most recent guest on the “Buzzards Wrestling Podcast. Here’s what the two parties discussed:

Spud On Why Losing To A One-Year Old Is Okay:


“It’s a television show, it’s the same as if you’re Biff in ‘Back To The Future’ and drive into a truck and have cow poo all over you. Guys, James Michael Curtin is not Rockstar Spud, I play a character named Rockstar Spud on a television show, who is a sniveling, whiny, little bad guy, who deserves to lose and be embarrassed by losing to a one-year-old boy and who deserves to be bludgeoned with a hammer by a little person. I fully believe the Rockstar Spud character deserves everything he gets when he’s a bad guy. When he’s a good guy, he fights from underneath and does all that a white meat babyface should, but when he’s a bad guy, he deserves everything he gets. I’m working for a television company on a scripted television show; I think the cat’s out the bag, everyone. This is my favorite when people say ‘I don’t want to lose this tag match.’ You’re losing to a grown, man, a grown man and you’re complaining. There’s no argument for anyone out there, whether you’re losing in an Iron Man match, a tag match, a singles match, anything. I’m throwing it out there; I lost to a one-year-old boy. If this was real, I’m pretty sure I would’ve won. Pretty sure, but this is a television show for the benefit of entertaining millions and millions of people and I believe that better than anybody.”

Impact Wrestling’s British Bootcamp Opportunity:

“I saw it as probably my last opportunity because it’s not like it was four years ago. Not saying ‘in my day’ but you ask anyone from four years ago if there was a shortage of talent and everybody’s getting looked at and there are photographs of your WWE tryouts online. It was a secret event if you got a tryout back in the day and it was kept low key and not in the public eye. Nowadays, it’s all over social media; they jump off the back of your social media to get you spreading the word about their stuff, which people happily do because any association with a big company, people are going to do it. There wasn’t going to be an opportunity like that like there is now and I’m very fortunate to be where I am now. That Bootcamp thing was very fortunate. It was the right place, right time, right opportunities and the right people seeing you. At the time Dixie and Hulk Hogan were the right people to see me and now if you look at the rest of the world, people are taking notice of Marty (Scurll) because it’s meant to be. There are reasons things happen and they’re meant to be and I firmly believe it was the right thing for him and it was the right thing for me. I couldn’t be happier where I’m at right now and I’m sure he couldn’t be happier where he is right now.”


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