Ryback Talks About Almost Having A Feud With Triple H And Why It Never Happened


During the latest edition of his podcast, Ryback spoke about an angle with Dolph Ziggler he wanted to do and an angle with Triple H that WWE started to tease. Here are the highlights.

On a Feud With Dolph Ziggler That Never Happened: “Dolph desperately wants me to talk s–t about him on the podcast all the time because he wants to set up for [an angle]. We always joked about… I got him a ‘Little Guy’ belt made for one match up there. We thought we were going to be a s–tty tag team, ‘The Big Guy’ and ‘The Little Guy’. He’s not even [a little guy]. He’s in phenomenal shape, but I legit had a ‘Little Guy’ belt made for him and we always had a thing of our big tag run, probably no tag titles, but a big tag run, where I eventually turn on him. And I would, [Hulk] Hogan-style come out with the weight belt like a guitar and beat the s–t out of him with the weight belt. The whole angle revolves around the weight belt and how I gave him the ‘Little Guy’ weight belt, but I beat the s–t out of him with it eventually, just big bad Ryback again and poor little guy. We would always create stupid f–king scenarios, so he wants me to keep that alive. And I like him so much I can’t even. He’s going to be so mad that I exposed this, so if I ever do start talking s–t, someone can go listen to the archives and realize that I don’t hate him.”

On a Feud With HHH That Never Happened: “I had a weird deal with Hunter. Did I ever tell [podcast co-host Pat Buck]? Do you remember that, where they had a thing where it looked like they were teasing a program with me and Hunter? They had us face off in England after I wrestled Kane. I think I broke my finger wrestling Kane one night. We were doing something and our hands hit and my finger went sideways. So I get through this match with Kane. I think it was the main event on SmackDown. Then, they have this big stare [down] with me and Hunter and they teased it for a couple of weeks with different things and then it just went away. It was nothing. And even he came up, ‘the plan was never for us to work, just so you know.’ And I go, ‘oh, okay. I don’t know.’ I’m not in the creative meetings. I don’t know why. I just do what I’m told. He would always explain things weirdly, but, yeah, that never happened. It would’ve been nice, so he could f–king know that I could wrestle.”

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