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Scrapped Plans For Special Entrance At AEW All In 2023, Caprice Coleman/Tony Khan



In a recent appearance on the “Knockouts and 3 Counts” podcast at Starrcast VI, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta of The Best Friends revealed that Sue was originally set to be part of their entrance at AEW All In 2023.

The Best Friends were part of the Stadium Stampede match alongside Orange Cassidy, Eddie Kingston, & Penta El Zero against the Blackpool Combat Club, Santana, and Ortiz at Wembley Stadium in London.

While Sue didn’t appear during their entrance, she did get involved later in the match when she drove a van into the stadium.

Chuck said, “Our entrance, I don’t want to get too inside, but we didn’t know when Sue would come out. Maybe she would drive us to the ring, maybe she would come out at the end. We decided (she should) come out in the middle. They changed our entrance the night before.”

“Orange got a text message from production telling him, ‘We have a bunch of fireworks for you.’ In a text message, it was, ‘When you guys do this [raise your arms], we’re going to blow up the roof of Wembley Stadium.’ What a last-minute thing to spend that much money on fireworks.”

During a recent appearance on “The Best Damn Wrestling Podcast,” ROH announcer Caprice Coleman discussed the events in early 2022 when ROH went on a hiatus before being acquired by AEW President Tony Khan.

Coleman revealed that he was among the first people Khan called back to work when the ROH TV tapings resumed.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the sudden changes to ROH in April 2022: “Ring Of Honor went out of business, everyone’s contracts were running out or whatever and we did Final Battle, and we were told it would pick back up in April, it was like we were taking a hiatus. At the end of April, we turn on the TV, my new boss is Tony Khan. We didn’t know it, we were watching the TV and we found out then.”

On resuming work for ROH under Khan: “We didn’t know if he was going to use Ring Of Honor for the video archive or if he was just going to take a couple of guys and be done with it, but by the grace of god he took it and he’s really trying to do something with it. I was part of the first ten people to be called back, I work for Ring Of Honor under AEW now and I just keep in touch with people and I just try to show love. I’ve been on all aspects of wrestling from refereeing to wrestling to producing to talk show host to commentary, that’s where I’m at now. I’m like the Swiss Army knife of pro wrestling, Mr. Versatility. In my career, I’ve always said yes to opportunities and it’s blessed me to where I’ve been able to do a lot of things in the same sport.”

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