Shane Douglas Praises Dolph Ziggler – WWE Run Was Hurt With Inconsistent Booking


Shane Douglas believes that Dolph Ziggler’s WWE career would have gone further had the promotion not been so inconsistent with his booking.

Ziggler was the biggest name cut from WWE on September 21, 2023, ending his 19-year tenure under contract with the promotion.


Speaking on the latest edition of his “Franchise University” podcast, Douglas had praise for the two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He said,

“I’ve been a big Dolph fan for a long time. He was really vastly underused in my belief.

“I’m not privy to their dressing room, the things that go on, but it always seemed to me from afar … he’d be getting a little bit of a push, and all of a sudden he would disappear for two or three months. And to me, that was the entirety of his career, this herky-jerky ‘We’ll see you for a little bit, we won’t see you.’

“And to me, a guy with that kind of extensive amateur background, those earmarks that he had that were very reminiscent of Shawn Michaels at a younger age, and the fact that he was so telegenic …That it just never [happened], it boggled my mind.

“Like Steve Austin said, ‘If Vince wants you over, he’ll strap a rocket to your ass.’ And I don’t ever recall seeing that with Dolph. But I think this could be a boon to AEW, and I’m curious to see what Dolph does now.”

If Ziggler hopes to wrestle for AEW, he will have to wait for his 90-day non-compete clause to expire on December 20.

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