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NewsShooting From The Hip #3 - Controversial Shoot Promos

Shooting From The Hip #3 – Controversial Shoot Promos



Bret Hart Vents On Hogan, Flair and Bischoff – March 29th 1999

Everyone knows how poorly Bret was used in WCW. There was so much potential after the Montreal Screwjob for WCW to capitalize on his popularity. To create an angle, Bret decided to vent his frustration with a worked shoot promo. It has elements of the tension between Bret, Hogan, Flair, WCW officials, and an advertisement for Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWF.

Whether Bret’s words damaged WCW, or started a trend of negativity, is a matter of perspective. I tend to believe if the wrestlers suddenly don’t care and openly criticize the company, then the fans have no reason to support the promotion, and find themselves switching the channel.

Scott Steiner Destroys Ric Flair & WCW – February 2nd 2000

The talent were evidently frustrated with wrestling lower down the card as the established guys used clauses to book themselves in the main event. Steiner was a man who worked closely with Hogan, Flair and other top talent for several years, so Steiner took matters in to his own hands with a live microphone, insulting Flair, WCW, and praising Stone Cold Steve Austin.

You may find it difficult to take Steiner seriously, but when he has a point to make, he will make it with brutal honesty. It’s hard to find information surrounding this, so if anyone would like to correct me, please do. I believe Steiner was scheduled to cut this as a worked shoot, but he went a little too far, and apparently was suspended for two weeks following the backstage aftermath.

Bash At The Beach 2000 – Russo Fires Hogan

When you suddenly find yourself working the entire roster, staff, the internet, and even the individuals involved with the work itself, all it takes is a corporate decision from Time Warner and a lack of communication to ignite a lawsuit for defamation of character.

i shouldn’t explain the incident here, because I found a 32-minute video highlighting the controversy with Vince Russo discussing it from his point-of-view during a recent interview. The funny thing is It’s still being talked about, Russo and Bischoff exchanged views on the course of events recently. Russo attacked Bischoff’s views by poking holes in his story.

At the end of the day, both men are known to lie, and we may never know the full truth as most fans find it difficult to believe anything they say. It’s up to you whether you take Russo’s side, Bischoff’s side, or nobody’s side. Nevertheless, Bash At The Beach remains one of the most remembered, albeit for the wrong reasons. Thanks for reading!

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