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NewsThe Singh Brothers On Getting Signed By Triple H, Advice They Received...

The Singh Brothers On Getting Signed By Triple H, Advice They Received From Jim Ross, Working In NXT, More



WWE Superstars The Singh Brothers recently did an interview with Akhilesh Gannavarapu of Wrestling Inc. to talk about several professional wrestling topics. You can read the highlights here:

Their initial thoughts when WWE approached them with the idea for CWC:

Samir: “Man! At that time, we were both wondering ‘what do we do?’ Because we were both getting older, and we’ve been trying to get the job for years. And I think, we you get to the lowest point, that’s when God just opens up a door.”

Sunil: “We never lost hope. We always knew we’d get here. We just needed to focus, and I’ve always been told, ‘You’ll get the call when you least expect it’, and that’s exactly what happened. You wake up one Wednesday morning – or whatever day it was, and you get the invite for CWC, and you’re like, ‘Yup! We’ll be there no matter what.’ It was a long four months to get there, because the initial call came in early 2016, and we had to wait till June because of all the legal paper work.”

Samir: “I thought it was a gem of an idea. I don’t think WWE knew at that point that it would turn into its own brand, so it was very cool. That we were a part of something that launched a brand. It was just a show, the Cruiserweight Classic. But it did so well, that 205 Live is now a brand of its own, and in January, it starts touring for its own live events. So it was cool to be a part of history like that. And we were representing India on the CWC.”

Sunil: “We knew when the CWC call came that this was our moment, that this was our time. That we’re going to get jobs with WWE, and we’ve got to impress the higher ups, and we’ve got to not only compete in the Cruiserweight Classic, but also get full time jobs, and not just get full time jobs, but to get to NXT. And not just getting to NXT, but then get to the main roster. So all of this happened in a year and a half, it’s just unbelievable.”

Samir: “Just to add to that, the cool thing about the Cruiserweight Classic was we went to Triple H and told him we really want to be here, and Triple H was the one that gave us the jobs in WWE. He was the one that gave us the contracts to come to WWE. And on December 10th, Jinder Mahal in India faced Triple H. It’s one of those cool stories that, you just can’t make this stuff up.”

Sunil’s degree in criminology and Samir’s degree in history, and why they got into wrestling:

Sunil: “That’s funny because, as we were doing… as we were pursuing this dream, the biggest thing we were told was, make sure you have a backup plan. Because you never know! I remember meeting Jim Ross once at a convention. And I was like, ‘Mr. Ross, what’s the best advice you can give me?’ It had nothing to do with wrestling. He was like, ‘Make sure you have a Plan B!’ I was like, ‘Okay!’ (laughs) Whatever that means.

“In all seriousness, looking back now, definitely that was the deal I had with my parents. If I had to get into this business, make sure you have a backup plan. Because not everyone succeeds and makes it where they want to hopefully get. Criminology was my Plan B.”

Samir: “It’s just two kids trying to make it out there. College and education gives you life experiences. Gives you the ability to interact with people, and gets you to talk about life besides wrestling and besides sports. You get to interact with other human beings. When we say it’s good to have an education, we mean that. Yes, if you want to be an actor or fighter – whatever, but educational side will give you the tools in life you will eventually use. ”

You can read The Singh Brothers’ full interview with Wrestling Inc. by clicking here.

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