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Trey Miguel Opens up about The Rascalz’s Time in IMPACT and More


In a new interview with The Gorilla Position, Trey Miguel of the IMPACT Wrestling team The Rascalz opens up about the group being so close, their time and IMPACT Wrestling and more. Below are some quotes:

Trey on making it in today’s Pro Wrestling landscape:

“That’s pretty much what you have to do to make it now: Putting out videos, trying stuff through social media and just trying to get your name out there. We actually did a vignette that we made for another company, and IMPACT management got a hold of it. They saw it, and liked the idea. That’s how we ended up bringing the Rascalz to IMPACT Wrestling.”

Trey on The Rascalz unique vignettes:

“Some people might see our vignettes, and get confused about the message that we’re sending out but, the people our age? They understand it, and just think it’s funny. I read a lot of feedback online, and I see the comments. I see what age the person is, and why they are responding. They get it; They know that it’s just part of who we are on screen.”

Trey on what The Rascalz bring to IMPACT:

“I just think us being a trio brings something fresh to the table, compared to what a lot of other people are doing right now. You see a lot of people doing singles or even regular tag teams. I think that we’re different, because we’re all interchangeable, and we feed off of each other’s offenses. We just mesh really well together.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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