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NewsTriple H Discusses The Challenges Of Taking Over WWE Creative Just Before...

Triple H Discusses The Challenges Of Taking Over WWE Creative Just Before SummerSlam



Triple H took part in a media scrum on Friday to promote Saturday night’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view event.

As you’d expect, “The Game” commented on taking over as the head of WWE’s creative team just before SummerSlam and why it’s a big challenge for him.

You can check out some highlights from the media scrum below:

On taking over just ahead of SummerSlam: “Yeah, that’s a challenge. Yeah. Believe me. I’ve spent half my time on the ground and half my time in the air in the last few days. We finished TV. We were home for a little bit, flew out here. My kids’ birthdays in the middle. We flew out here, came to day one of tryouts. When it was over, flew home, had meetings late into the night with our partners. We had a board meeting in the morning, flew back here yesterday afternoon, finished the last half of the tryout. I was working on the shows all night long and I’m not complaining about it. I love it and everybody here is working just as hard as I am. Like I said, it’s gonna take all of us to fill a big pair of shoes, but we’re hell bent on doing it.”

On the WWE tryouts: “When I talk about that, you know, the 50-plus athletes that are all amazing athletes, why they were selected to be here, from the best of the best collegiately, that’s a massive pool. We whittled this down from hundreds to the 50 that you saw here. The difficult part for them is picking up a microphone and standing in front of all these people and, and trying to do what we do. The difference from day one to what they are here today. What you just saw here today is amazing. It really, truly is, and it’s a testament to what we can do in this system and what it can do. You look at NXT now, and, and the crew that is performing. There’s some of those people that have like 10 matches under their belt and it’s been, you know, literally single digit months since the first time they ever stepped through those ropes. That’s amazing. It’s credible, it’s a crazy level of success that I’m incredibly proud of this team. Matt Bloom, the whole crew here, the talent development team, James Kimble, Sean Hayes with strength and condition, just all of it, what they do here is, is amazing.

“Then Shawn [Michaels] and the team in NXT and taking that to the next level is amazing and even stepping in as I had to step out and just never missing a beat and running with it is incredible and I’m so proud of all of it and all of them. You talked about Heyman. I want everybody that anybody that wants to be involved. When I look at people who’ve been through this process and what it takes to get here, I look at Big E and I look at Bianca, right? Bianca and I were talking about it backstage. She was remembering her first time stepping through those ropes to try this same process for us. Who better than those people to see what that, that moment and what falling in love with this business can do for them and where it can lead them in their life. Who better to help guide this next gen, who better to look for that future, who better to stand in this group and say, ‘Look, I can tell you from my point of view’, that’s something special, right? I want all that involvement and I want to, I want to be as open and collaborative as everybody as I can be, because it’s the way we’re gonna make this great.”

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