Various News: Extreme Rising Update, Styles/Red, More


— Extreme Rising will not be canceling their Saturday event in Pittsburgh. They stated that they will only cancel the event if the city shuts down due to the weather. For those unaware, there has been talk of a major snowstorm hitting the Northeast on Sunday and Monday.

— AJ Styles & The Amazing Red vs. The Young Bucks headlines the February 15th House of Glory event in Ridgewood, NY.

— Former WWE & World Class Superstar James Beard has released a new autobiography. Here is the description of the book…

“The Third Man: My Life And Times Inside The Ring And Out”, promotional material for the book reads, “James Beard takes a look back at his career as a professional wrestling referee and talks about some of the amazing times and people he came across. Starting in Texas and eventually going to the WWF, Beard has had an amazing career and had a unique position that few had. His stories involve some of wrestling’s most famous athletes. Some of those include the Von Erich family, Gary Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, JBL and many more.”

— Jesse Ventura has launched his new Internet series Off the Grid on, and while promoting the show, noted that he moves around Mexico in order to avoid being found by drones. Check that out below…

“I move about with my TV show so that the drones can’t find me, and that you won’t know exactly where I am as long as we have solar power and we can reach the satellite.”

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