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NewsWesley Blake Reveals If He Was Surprised By His WWE Release, Not...

Wesley Blake Reveals If He Was Surprised By His WWE Release, Not Talking With Vince McMahon



Former WWE Superstar Wesley Blake was recently interviewed by Fightful, as he discussed his WWE release, not being able to meet with Vince McMahon, among other topics. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On if he was surprised by his WWE release: “So, it’s kind of a yes and no. So, when Steve (Cutler) got fired, you have in the back of your mind, ‘Oh, man. I could be next’ type thing because they told him that creative had nothing for him. But, also I put in the forefront of my mind, ‘Well, don’t give them a reason to fire you.’ So, I started pitching ideas. Started e-mailing them, started texting the writers. Me and Buddy kind of started talking again ‘cause he just got told he’s not going to do anything with Seth or he’s not going to do anything with the Mysterios. So, me and Buddy started talking again saying, ‘Hey, I think me and you can do something in the tag division on Smackdown.’ We’ve pitched stuff and we [were] kind of getting stuff going after Mania. Buddy was going to go into creative and talk to them, pitch our ideas and we were going to shoot some stuff together to present that to them. But, of course, that never came to be.”

On not ever speaking directly to Vince McMahon: “I never got to speak to Vince. Of course, like I said, when I got called up I think this was during the pandemic. So, we were gonna have that meeting with him and that got cancelled. Then when we got called up it was a weird time because when you’re at the Performance Center, they wanted you in the locker room or they didn’t want you out wandering. So, they [was a] real COVID protocol thing. It was just one of those weird things where everything was done through e-mail or via text message. Like, ‘Hey, meet here,’ that type of stuff. So, we never really got that meeting with Vince. As far as when we were with Corbin, we would say, ‘Thank you,’ or whatever and he would tell Corbin what he wanted from him. But, much further from that we didn’t really get to talk to Vince.”

On meeting Kevin Dunn: “The only time I got to talk to Kevin Dunn a little bit is they were testing out some live event cameras coming up and me and Bo Dallas had to go and wrestle. That’s the only time that I got to meet Kevin Dunn. That was before Mania. That was, I want to say, February at that time. Because Steve just got released and they gave me the call and they wanted to test out some stuff. A lot of the live event cameras and stuff like that, I think, they’re testing out some of the board people that you saw like at the NFL, like how they did the major leagues and stuff like that. They tried to do the kind of show that fans were there. So, I think they were testing out that type of stuff, but that’s the only time I met Kevin Dunn and he had nothing but nice things to say.”

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