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Bully Ray Wants To See Seth Rollins Be ‘Less Goofy’, The Rock Talks Hollywood Transition



The Rock was a recent guest on “The Pat McAfee Show” to discuss his transition from WWE to Hollywood. According to “The Great One” himself, he felt like it took place at an inflective time in his life. He said,

“I felt it was at an inflective time in my life. And I thought, ‘Okay. I can either stay in this or I can have ambitions to go and start a film career. And if I’m good, if I’m decent, I could have some longevity, then maybe I could bring WWE and wrestling with me.’ So it was a little challenging at first because I left when I was on top.”

Bully Ray isn’t the biggest fan of Seth Rollins’ on-screen character these days, and he recently took to the “Busted Open Radio” podcast to reveal that he’d like to see Rollins be a little less goofy. He said,

“Seth comes through the curtain [Monday night], and he’s dancing again, and he’s got on the flamboyant outfit. And I’m saying to myself, ‘We’re right outside of WrestleMania, right outside of the Chamber, and the guy’s dancing?’”

He continued, “And I know it’s part of his schtick, but I don’t mind what Seth wears, I just wish his demeanor and his swagger was a little bit more badass as opposed to goofy.”

Seth Rollins will be defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40 against the winner of the men’s Elimination Chamber match.

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