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NewsWWEDDP On Helping Buff Bagwell Overcome His Addiction Struggles

DDP On Helping Buff Bagwell Overcome His Addiction Struggles



On a recent edition of “The MMA Hour” podcast, Diamond Dallas Page discussed working with Buff Bagwell to help him overcome his struggle with addiction.

You can check out the highlights from the podcast below:

On working with Bagwell: “Marcus [Bagwell], who I’ve always considered a good friend, but Marcus had serious addiction problems, and Marcus, you know, he’ll tell you he’s a lot of work –- I’m a lot of work! You know, but he was a lot of work… I just got remarried, I don’t want to have any rocky patches, but I’m working on something, and I’m working on this thing with my business partner ‘Change or Die,’ but if we do it, you’ll be the first person I call. And that’s how it happened.”

On the most difficult thing to overcome with addition: “The hardest thing an addict has to deal with is stop being so delusional, and realize you’re an addict. See, Jake didn’t wanna be that guy. Marcus didn’t wanna be the guy that he’d become.”

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