Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Dijak Thinks It’s Time For Him To Win Gold At WWE NXT Stand & Deliver


Dijak is set to compete for the WWE NXT North American Championship at Saturday’s Stand & Deliver pay-per-view event.

In a WWE “Digital Exclusive,” Dijak discussed his upcoming match against Oba Femi and Josh Briggs. He said,

So let me tell you a story about my WWE career. I was thinking about this earlier. This weekend is WrestleMania weekend. I’ve been here for seven of those, if you can believe it. Guess how many of these weekends I’ve been featured on a premium live event, Mr. PLE himself? Did you guess zero? ‘Cause the answer’s zero, if you can believe that. In 2020, I was supposed to be on my first, but that got canceled due to the pandemic. Of course. This match isn’t just the biggest match physically of the entire weekend. No, it’s the biggest match of my entire career. It’s been kind of a long career. I’m the greatest professional wrestler that’s never held a championship in this company’s history since Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. Think about that. All I need is this one. This Saturday, at Stand & Deliver, it’s time to finally crown me.