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Jerry Lawler Recalls Working With Jim Ross, Talks Current Health



In a recent interview with Pwinsider, Jerry Lawler provided an update on his health following his recent stroke.

The King also reflected on his legendary career with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross and other notable moments.

As we previously reported here on eWn, Lawler’s WWE contract has expired and it wasn’t renewed. Despite this, the 74-year-old wrestling personality remains under a WWE Legends deal.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his health: “I’m doing fine doing very good and thanks for asking about my health. it’s been quite a bit of controversy there about my health. I’ve had some health problems going back about seven months now. I had a stroke spent some time getting over that and But I feel like now I feel like it feels like a good time to get back out on the road again a bit. So that’s what I’m starting off with this big event in Evansville. Day to day, physically for me is feeling good. Getting around my house, everything’s fine and dandy, but just the little things that that I take me longer to do some things than I used to But as far as look and feel I feel and feel as good as I ever did.”

On working with Jim Ross: “Sure, it was as big for Good ol’ JR as it was for me. We just went out, did our job every week and we just did what we did best and it always turned out good. I just saw something in a magazine just the other day that it said Who would agree that the jobs Jerry that Lawler and Jim Ross were as important to the business as the Rock and Triple H and guys like that. There was a big deal and people voting on that and and, I just read a bunch of comments and people said, yeah we forgot about their importance in the business. We were very important for [WWE] during that time.”

On getting heat from fans during his feud with Bret Hart: “It may have come to [WWF’s] mind to dial [the heat] back, but was just that things work out perfectly with my character and working with Bret “The Hitman Hart” and his family to get him involved. It just all came together to where when I said some things about his parents…oh my Gosh, I still remember those days, I said, ‘I can’t wait to see Mr. and Mrs. Hart, they turned out more tragedies than Shakespeare.’ Just little things like that really get Bret. Then his parents, they’d be there and to react to some of the things that I said. It just really worked and the heat really got in there and the fans. They just could just just couldn’t get, Gosh, I can’t say it can’t get any more heat than we were getting there. It was like you said, some of the old Memphis matches and but that’s one of the things at the time it made Bret really upset by some of the things I had said and I felt it in some of the matches with the working with him. But, fortunately later now that the years have gone by, he really appreciates that time and the heat that I had against him.”

On the importance of Memphis Wrestling: “Yeah it’s, Oh gosh, I don’t even know how the best way to say it, but it’s it’s so many memories and so many stars came out of the Memphis area. I’m talking about late seventies, early through the seventies, through the eighties and nineties, so many stars came out of this Memphis area. I’ve just looked at a magazine yesterday. And it was a picture of The Master of Pain, which was, of course, we will know would go on to be The Undertaker…we had so many big names that came out to, came through Memphis in one way or another, and went on to be major stars in this business.”

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