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Kofi Kingston – ‘I’d Like To Wrestle Barack Obama!’ + WrestleMania 41 News



During a recent appearance on the “Battleground Podcast,” Kofi Kingston named Barack Obama as a historical figure he’d like to wrestle. The former WWE Champion said,

“I mean, maybe…I’d like to wrestle Barack Obama because it’d kind of be like wrestling The Rock. You know what I’m saying? Barack out there, people say they have similar voices and all that. Maybe Barack Obama. Just to say that I say that I wrestled, just to say that I beat a president because if I’m wrestling, if I’m getting to book the match. Yeah, maybe Barack. It’d be a good little match.”

Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio in a King of the Ring tournament first-round match will be taking place at a WWE live event this weekend.

WWE WrestleMania 41 will take place in Las Vegas, and TKO’s CFO Andrew Schleimer revealed during TKO’s Q1 earnings call that the company received a “meaningful payment” from the city. He said,

“As we have stressed, site fees are a key area of focus for us. This event includes a meaningful payment, as well as other cash and non-cash incentives.”

WWE WrestleMania 41 will take place on April 19th and 20th, 2025 at Allegiant Stadium.

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