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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite Results (4/26/2023)

AEW Dynamite Results (4/26/2023)



All Elite Wrestling returns from the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida for AEW Dynamite live tonight on TBS.

Advertised for tonight:

  • Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin in the Four Pillars tournament final; winner challenges MJF for the AEW World Championship at Double or Nothing.
  • We’ll hear from Tony Khan
  • We’ll hear from Adam Cole
  • We’ll here from NEW TNT Champion Wardlow & Arn Anderson
  • Dax Harwood vs. Jeff Jarrett.
  • Kenny Omega & Konosuke Takeshita vs. The Butcher & The Blade
  • AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy vs. Bandido
  • TBS Champion Jade Cargill vs. Taya Valkyrie

#1. Orange Cassidy vs. Bandido (AEW International Championship) – Winner: Orange Cassidy

Nothing new here, Orange Cassidy buried another guy.


We see a couple of backstage interviews with Renee Moxley Good; first with Adam Cole, who is gonna call out Chris Jericho in the middle of the ring later tonight, and then with Jungle Boy & Darby Allin, who admit that while they do not like each other, they went overboard last week with their words and do share mutual respect for one another.


#2. Jeff Jarrett vs. Dax Harwood – Winner: Jeff Jarrett

This was a good match… Sonjay tried cheating here, prompting Dax to go after him. The distraction allowed JJ to steal the win following the Stroke.


Backstage, Tony Khan announces this year’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. We’ll share further details o the site soon.


#3. Wardlow vs. Enhancement Talent – Winner: Wardlow

Wardlow squashes a local guy before Arn Anderson starts cutting a promo, which is quickly interrupted by Christian Cage and Luchasaurus. Wardlow and Arn in the ring face off with Christian and Luchasaurus at ringside as we cut backstage.


Standing by with Renee Moxley Good, MJF and Sammy Guevara do a lot of pandering and hugging and gifting and kissing and talking and hugging and pandering and talking and laughing and kissing and gifting and kissing and kissing and kissing and kissing…

#4. Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara – Winner: Sammy Guevara

MJF on color was a nice touch. The finish saw MJF head to ringside. As Darby was distracted, MJF threw him his skateboard. Sammy did the old Ediie Guerrero spot. The ref called for tye bell and Sammy Guevara advanced to DoN.

Following the match, Max & Sammy beatdown Darby, until Jungle Boy makes the save. MJF then takes the mic and starts insulting Darby and Jack, before Tony Schiavone interrupts him and announces that per Tony Khans instructions, we’ll see Max & Sam face Darb & Jack in tag-team action next week on Dynamite. If Darb & Jack win, they will be added to Max vs Sam at DoN, making it a Four-Way Pillars Match.

Back from commercial, the seeds are sown for dissension between Max & Sam.


Adam Cole is out next, and he is dead serious. He says Chris Jericho crossed the line last week. Cole calls out Jericho, who instead appears on the screen and mocks him. He refuses to come anywhere Cole, who is instead attacked by JAS. Bandido and OC make the save, but the numbers game is too much. Wait a minute…

RODERICK STRONG!! IT’S Roderick F’N STRONG!!! He takes out JAS. The crowd is going wild… UNDISPUTED! UNDISPUTED! Cole & Strong embrace! The babies are up in the air!


We are subjected to another rotten QTV skit.


#5. Jade Cargill vs. Taya Valkyrie (TBS Championship) – Winner: Jade Cargill



#5. Kenny Omega & Konosuke Takeshita vs. The Butcher & The Blade – Winner: Kenny Omega & Konusuke Takeshita

Bryan Danielson was on color here.

After the match, Danielson, out on the ramp, insults Kenny Omega before praising Take-a-Shit and inviting him to join the learning tree of the BBC. BBC attack from behind, but the Young Bucks come out to make the save. They take out Wheeler & Claudio and are now holding Moxley in the ring. Omega wants to put the screws to Moxley, if you know what I’m saying, but Danielson urges Take-a-Shit to stop The Elite.

The momentary distraction allows the BBC to take out The Elite. Danielson raises Take-a-Shit’s arm, and the BBC members follow, but Take-a-Shit, who is conflicted (great facials by the way), turns them down. That’s it. They take out Take-A-Shit out as well. Moxley puts the screws to Take-a-Shit. Why do I Give-a-Shit? Moxley continues to viciously put the screws to Take-a-Shit as AEW Dynamite goes off the air.




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