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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite Results (6/21/2023)

AEW Dynamite Results (6/21/2023)



Here are the full results for the episode of AEW Dynamite airing on June 21, 2023. This episode marks the Dynamite return of CM Punk after he returned to the company on the debut episode of Collision. Also, Bryan Danielson is scheduled to call out his Forbidden Door opponent, Kazuchika Okada.

AEW Dynamite Results (6/21/2023)

#1. The Hardys vs. The Gunns — Winners: The Gunns with an assist from Bullet Club Gold

Bullet Club Gold work together with The Gunns to destroy The Hardys. Hang on, it’s Ricky Starks! He comes to even the odds, but the numbers are too much. FTR arrives! But it’s still too much. CM Punk springs up out of nowhere! He almost gives Juice Robinson a GTS, but he gets free. Punk gets a mic and says if they want a fight so bad, let’s get a match set up for Collision. Without explanation, The Hardys disappeared by the time Punk showed up.

We quickly move on to Jeff Jarrett & Mark Briscoe being held back before the referee can make their match official.

#2. [Concession Stand Brawl] Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Briscoe — Winner: Mark Briscoe

Bryan Danielson says he’s scheduled to call out Kazuchika Okada, but he thinks he’s not even here tonight. When he doesn’t show, he’s going to prove that he’s an amateur, a coward, and that Bryan is the best in the world.

#3. Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Minoru Suzuki vs. AR Fox, Action Andretti & Darius Martin — Winners: Jericho, Guevara & Suzuki via submission with the Liontamer

Renee Paquette gets a word with Chris Jericho. She asks him about Sting. Jericho says it was a monumental moment. Never been seen before. Everyone was so excited, except for him. You see, he has known Sting for a long time. He knows how selfish he is. He claims to be a hero to millions, but meanwhile he only shows up to where the highest bidder is. He’s not a Hall of Famer, he’s a whore. That’s why the Suzuki Gods are challenging him and Darby Allin with a partner of their choice at Forbidden Door.

But he won’t accept because he’s a coward… Sting’s music plays. He’s here with Darby Allin. Sting asks Jericho why he is so uptight. They had a great moment last week. But a moment is not long enough, because he wants some time with him. On Sunday, he plans on having some quality time when they accept his lame challenge. Darby says he has made a lot of enemies. Jericho demands to know who their partner is, but Allin says he will find out at Collision.

Backstage, The Elite answer the BCC’s challenge to a 10-man tag at Forbidden Door. Eddie Kingston interrupts their segment to offer his services, but he wants to pick their other partner because he trusts them more than he trusts The Elite.

In the ring, Adam Cole says MJF has never beat him. He wants him to bring his ass down to the ring right now so they can talk about their rematch. MJF says these mouth-breathers aren’t very bright, so when the World Champion is on the mic, keep your mouths shut. He congratulates him for being the only guy in a long time that came out to play. Adam Cole is better than ever, but he’s really worried about him, because he lost track of time last week. Had that time not run out, MJF had him beat. The crowd calls BS.

As a fan of his, dare he say as a close personal friend, and because he cares, as far as his rematch goes… no. Sorry. Adam Cole knew he would say no, so he has an idea to change his mind. Why doesn’t he whip his ass right here in Chicago? Tony Schiavone interrupts with an announcement. He says they just had the draw for the eliminator tag team tournament. Adam Cole and MJF were drawn together as a tag team, but neither want that.

Hiroshi Tanahashi appears on the titantron to challenge MJF to show up to Forbidden Door so he can face the ace of NJPW for the title. Adam Cole thinks MJF is a coward because he doesn’t want to wrestle Tanahashi. The champ gets angry and accepts Tanahashi’s challenge. Adam Cole leaves us with this… good luck partner. Again, Coie got MJF good.

  • In the Owen Hart Cup, CM Punk will face Satoshi Kojima at Forbidden Door.

#4. Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Daniel Garcia & Zack Sabre Jr. — Winners: Garcia & Sabre Jr.

Don Callis offers Will Ospreay some special security for Forbidden Door, because Kenny Omega has been inciting his fans against him. Ospreay asks what he wants out of this. Callis says he simply wants to see a fair fight, and for him to pick up the win.

#5. [TBS Women’s Championship] Kris Statlander (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie — Winner: Kris Statlander retains

Eddie Kingston points out that Jon Moxley may not like who he is siding with, but he hates Claudio Castagnoli that much. Moxley addresses his friend’s choice. He tells Eddie that he is drawing a line at Forbidden Door. Kingston says he drew the line when he started teaming with that douchebag Castagnoli. Eddie tells Moxley their partner will be Tomohiro Ishii.

A fight breaks out between the BCC against Kingston & Ishii, but the numbers overwhelm them. Bryan Danielson gets a mic and says if Okada doesn’t come out, he will stomp Ishii’s face in. Okada is here! There’s a face off between Okada and Danielson! It’s brief, but it’s enough. Wheeler Yuta attacks Okada from behind. He holds Okada for Danielson, but it’s countered. Okada misses a Rainmaker and Danielson bails. But no worry, because he connects the Rainmaker on Yuta instead! The main event is on at Forbidden Door.

AEW Dynamite Results (6/21/2023)

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