Impact Wrestling Results – April 19th, 2019


Here are the results for this weeks episode of Impact Wrestling airing 4/19/2019. Check out the link for last weeks results: April 12th

Recapping the history of the feud between Johnny Impact and Brian Cage, including the screwjob by Johnny Bravo last week. Airing from St. Claire College Sportsplex in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

#1. Scarlett Bordeaux & Fallah Bahh vs. The Desi Hit Squad (w/ Gama Singh) – Winners: Bordeaux & Bahh with a double Banzai Drop

The crowd loved this, expect more from Scarlett & Fallah. Next up is a Lucha Brothers promo. They call themselves the best tag team in Impact Wrestling, and LAX better watch out.

– The Deaners are back, and Cody is hiding behind a barrel. He motivates his brother to train the right way, and we’re treated to a training montage.

– Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards talk about getting the tag team gold. They’ve been laying it down because they have it in them to take it. Everything’s coming to fruition, with new tag team champions. Eddie leaves in good spirits.

– Tommy Dreamer has done his research, and he found out he and Madman Fulton are similar. They have the same trainer, but he also found out why he was kicked out of Sanity. He was a rebel who couldn’t handle the corporate structure. When he looked in to Madman’s eyes, he saw hate. Tonight, Fulton is in for the fight of his life. Tommy’s fought bigger, more dangerous, and he will get violent.

#2. Moose vs. Dez (w/ The Rascalz) – Winner: Dez with a rollup after Rascals interference

– Kiera Hogan is looking for someone, til Rosemary pops up. Hogan knows where she is, and who she’s looking for. She blames Rosemary for not being there for the bunny. Rosemary reminds her how she warned Allie, but she didn’t listen, and so did Kiera when she was taken hostage.

Kiera remains adamant she will always be in the fight with her if she likes it or not. Rosemary’s sick of her getting in the way and attacks! Choking Kiera out with a chain. She’s turned back to the dark side.

– Moose wants the idiots backstage to cut the footage, as that match didn’t happen. He wants The Rascalz suspended. No wait .. he’s got something better. We’ll find out next week.

GWN Moment Of The Week: LAX vs. OGz: 5150 Street Fight at Slammiversary XVI (2018)

– Tessa Blanchard is not the person you want to piss off. She’s still angry with Gail Kim. Tessa thinks Gail is threatened she will surpass her legacy, which is why she cost her the Knockouts title and the match last week. At 23-years-old, she’s better. The best women’s wrestler on the planet. And where is Gail? She’s famous for screwing some famous chef. She thinks he would reconsider marrying her if he knew the real Gail Kim. Maybe she should go to his restaurant and let her husband know the kind of woman she is?

She busts in to the restaurant and causes a scene asking for Robert. The chef must be in the kitchen, and she goes the hell she wants. She takes some clean utensils from a guy and drops them on the floor, blaming him for the mess. A guy with a knife apparently threatens her, but he’s just the chef. Robert’s not here today, which makes him a fraud. Tessa wants him to send a message to Robert. She pours food all over him. A manager gets in her face and says he’s got a restaurant to run here, so she smashes some plates and dumps soup on his head. Gail wanted to make it personal .. now it’s personal. See you at Rebellion.

– Gail Kim is not going to lie, she could have pressed charges but she won’t. All she sees is a spoiled, entitled brat. Admits that was her years ago, but she had to learn the hard way. She’ll teach her a lesson at Rebellion.

#3. Madman Fulton (w/ Sami Callihan) vs. Tommy Dreamer – Winner: Madman Fulton

After the match, Willie Mack makes the save with a steel chair. The rest of oVe come out and beat down on Willie. Rich Swann enters to help his friend, but Sami gets him in a choke with a baseball bat before dropping him on his head with the piledriver. They make Rich watch as they place Dreamer’s arm in a chair and smash it.

– The doctor tells Rich & Willie that Tommy needs an x-ray. Willie’s a lil banged up, but he’ll be fine. After Swann walks off, Killer Kross asks Willie if he can hear the music. Kross thinks he should check to see if Rich Swann is his real name. Willie says if he mentions music one more time he’ll get hippity hop on his ass. He continues to insult Kross’ appearence. While he’s not 100% right now, he’ll meet Kross in the ring next week. “Checkmate”

Taya Valkyrie is in the ring. She insults the Canadians, before informing the crowd she won’t be wrestling tonight. Taya plans to walk out, but Madison cuts her off and the match begins.

#4. Taya Valkyrie vs. Madison Rayne (non-title match) – Winner: Madison Rayne after Jordynne Grace stops Taya from walking out

– Menendez asks Johnny Impact about him orchestrating a lie. Johnny says Cage is one of the best athletes the business has ever seen. Johnny Bravo is behind him, and is now a lackey. It doesn’t matter what people think. Johnny threatens Brian’s family, saying he could get to anyone he wants to. Cage’s downfall is his failure to comprehend what matters. He will fail and live the rest of his life telling the marks how he never lived up to his potential.

– Brian Cage is in Don Callis’ face and grabs him by the shirt. Callis tries persuading him to let go. He’s pissed at management for allowing Johnny Bravo to screw him. Cage drops him and walks off. Don shakes it off and stands up, quickly getting on his phone to warn Scott D’Amore that Cage is on the way to kill him.

– Scott D’Amore is on the phone with Callis. He warns Scott that Cage is on the way. Don tells him they have a plan for Rebellion, and it’s Scott who thought of it .. although they both admit it was a lie. Cage storms in and grabs D’Amore, demanding to tell him the plan. Lance Storm intervenes and tells Cage to calm down. He lets go of Scott and questions Storm. It’s his job to stop him if required .. so be professional. On the spot, D’Amore books Lance Storm .. Mr. Integrity himself, as the special referee for the match at Rebellion. Good save Scott.

#5. (Main Event for the Impact World Tag Team Championship) The Lucha Brothers (c) vs. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards – Winners: The Lucha Brothers with the Fear Factor Piledriver

Post match, LAX & Lucha Brothers brawl to the backstage area. Eddie consoles Eli. Drake decides not to shake his hand, but to hug him instead. Eddie turns his back for a second, and Eli attacks him! He picks up Kenny and whacks Eddie across the head. Never trust Eli Drake. He strikes Eddie multiple times, ending with a vicious shot to the head. Eli walks out and takes Kenny with him.

–Impact Wrestling Results 4/19/2019–

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