Impact Wrestling Results – January 25, 2019


Here are the Impact Wrestling results for the episode airing January 25th 2019. This is not a detailed play-by-play commentary of matches; although I will include talking segments. Check out the following link for last weeks’ results:

Impact Wrestling Results

This weeks episode airs from Mexico. Up first is an X-Division match with champion Rich Swann and a local Mexican talent.

#1. Rich Swann vs. Hijo Del Vikingo – Winner: Rich Swann with the 450.

Solid opener. Vikingo’s pretty good. oVe enter and confront Swann. Sami congratulates him, and is so proud. He reveals they are best friends outside of Impact, so it’s time for Rich to step up and join the oVe family. Sami claims responsibility for saving Swann’s career. If it wasn’t for Sami, Rich wouldn’t be alive to look after his family. He gives the shirt and mic to Rich, who says he doesn’t think it’s the right fit and walks away. Sami states he never said no, and it’s clear this isn’t the end of it.

Interview with Killer Kross & Moose. He always feels homicidal. Impact’s legacy is going to die. Impact doesn’t know how to hurt him. Kross will choke him out tonight. Moose’s sources claim Cage has issues at customs, so won’t be around tonight. Kross tells Impact to get the neck brace ready. Tick-tock!

Jordynne Grave and Kiera Hogan in an interview. Kiera says the Allie of today is a shadow of her former self. They are asked what role Rosemary will play against Su Yung & Allie, but they don’t get chance to respond as the screen glitches. On the video screens behind them, the words “Darkness will take you too, this is not your fight” appear; a message from Rosemary warning them to stay out of it.

#2. Taya Valkyrie vs. Keira – Winner: Taya Valkyrie via STF variation submission.

A fairly average match from Taya. Keira didn’t stand out as much as Vikingo did. Josh Mathews in the ring to get a quick interview with Taya. She speaks Spanish to the audience and pumps them up. She is happy to thank the Mexican fans, who made her what she is today. Her tone changes, mentioning Killer Kross’ attack, as well as the subject of Tessa Blanchard’s suspension. When Tessa is allowed to return, she will be waiting. In the meantime, she’s ready for anyone else to step up.

Backstage, Rich says everything Sami said was true, but there’s more to the story.

GWN Match Of The Week: (18/2/2004) NWA-TNA PPV #85 – Jack Evans vs. Hector Garza

Another smoky Rascalz segment. Dezmond asks where they are, and Trey answers Canada. Wentz corrects him. He starts talking Spanish, but it’s clearly dubbed over to make it look like he knows the language. They have fun with words being translated for him across the screen (like Pentagon Jr.). Wentz finishes up with “this stuff is good ..”. How did they get weed across two borders?

A black-and-white workout video with Scarlett Bordeaux. And it’s hot .. with many closeups of her assets. She’s ready to get in the ring, and is seen putting (almost) a full banana in her mouth. The next screen announces she will finally be making her in-ring debut in three weeks. Up next is a tag team match with a pack of giggling stoners, against the often mistreated students of Gama Singh.

#3. Dez & Wentz (Rascals) vs. The Desi Hit Squad (w/ Gama) – Winners: The Rascalz with the double team “Push Moonsault” move.

The match? Not bad. Not great. – Johnny Impact is backstage having an interview .. saying Kross’ legacy will remember him as “human garbage”. Johnny doesn’t say much else, other than he’s gonna’ take the “human garbage to the Slam Town dump”. I don’t know what to say about that.

LAX segment. They talk about Ortiz’s challenge to Pentagon & Fenix from last week. Konnan’s happy as they seem to have gotten away with it, but he wants to introduce two new guys next week. He says it’s good to give ’em a chance. It shouldn’t be any bother though, as LAX are like “scarecrows in a field”.

#4. Ethan Page vs. Trey – Winner: Trey with Fresh to Death.

Most of it was Ethan on offense, so it was perhaps surprising Trey fought back and finished him easily. A recap of Eli Drake insulting Eddie’s hardcore persona last week.

Eli meets up with Eddie backstage. He asks for the old Eddie to come back, but he’s not liking it. Drake tells him they have a match against The Rascalz next week, and to keep Kenny (the kendo stick) home. Commentary announce Psycho Clown will face Fallah Bahh next week. And it’s time for the main event.

#5. (Main Event) Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross (w/ Moose) in a singles match for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship – Winner: No Contest due to Brian Cage’s interference.

A good match, and interesting to see more of Kross’ MMA skills. Impact & Cage brawl with Kross & Moose afterwards. They fight Kross & Moose out of the ring, and stay in it to stare each other down. Johnny holds his title up and literally shoves it in Cage’s face, but Cage just walks out after talking some trash. And that’s all folks. See you next week.

–Impact Wrestling Results dated January 25th 2019–

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