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ResultsNXTWWE NXT UK Results for October 7, 2021

WWE NXT UK Results for October 7, 2021



Today’s episode of WWE NXT UK is presented from BT Sports Studios in London, England.

Here are the results for those who missed the show:

  • Jinny defeated Emilia McKenzie by pinfall. Meiko Satomura came out after the match in support of McKenzie and then posed with the title to flaunt it in front of Jinny, who seems to be poised to be the next challenger.
  • Sid Scala reinstated Blair Davenport as per Stevie Turner’s request. He warns her any future misbehavior won’t be tolerated. She says she wants to make one thing clear to him, which is that she always gets what she wants.
  • Sam Gradwell defeated Mark Andrews by pinfall.
  • Backstage, Flash Morgan Webster slapped Sha Samuels and ran off.
  • NXT UK Heritage Cup #1 Contender Tournament Final: Noam Dar defeated Wolfgang to earn a title shot.

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