Credit: Michael Bluth

Here are some notes from the WWE App during RAW this week:

- Randy Orton appeared in a WWE App backstage video on Monday night and said he'll be the last man standing during Sunday's Elimination Chamber match on pay-per-view. Orton also promised to get revenge on Mark Henry with an RKO when they wrestle this Friday on SmackDown.

- After teaming together for several weeks now, Brodus Clay and Tensai are officially a tag team. In a WWE App exclusive interview, Clay told Tensai he's impressed with his dance moves and suggested the two becoming a full-time tag team. Tensai agreed, on the condition that Clay puts in a good word for him with WWE Diva Cameron.

- WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka also appeared in a backstage segment on the WWE App. Kaitlyn approached Vickie Guerrero asked Vickie Guerrero why she hasn't been booked on RAW over the past few weeks. Vickie said Kaitlyn will get some ring time this Sunday, when she defends the Divas title against Kaitlyn at Elimination Chamber. Kaitlyn tried to shake Tamina's hand, but Tamina refused and said she's not deserving of her respect. The two brawled in Vickie Guerrero's office and the segment ended with Tamina throwing Kaitlyn through a table.