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EditorialWWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Predictions: Intercontinental Championship Match Order of Eliminations

WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Predictions: Intercontinental Championship Match Order of Eliminations



When it comes to the Elimination Chamber matches, rather than just trying to predict the ultimate end result, I find it fun to take things up a notch and see if I can gaze into my crystal ball and figure out the rest of the match as well. Instead of simply guessing who scores the final pinfall, let’s try to apply that to all of the eliminations that will be taking place.

With that in mind, who will be the first duo eliminated in the WWE Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match?

Elimination #1: R-Truth

There’s no real need to explain this, as R-Truth is obviously the person with the least credibility in this match. He’s there to take an easy fall and he might as well be the first one out to follow suit. The only real question is who eliminates him. Does WWE keep things very simple and have it be the next person who gets eliminated, or does it end up being someone further down the line? Ideally, I would like to see it be King Barrett to help give him something of value to do in this match, as I don’t see things panning out all that much better for him in the grand scheme of things.

Elimination #2: King Barrett

Although Barrett’s chances to win this match are significantly higher than R-Truth’s, he’s still a rather low priority when compared to the others. It would be nice to see him land a solid Bullhammer on the rapper and get one elimination before he’s taken out of the competition himself. Barrett could also last quite a while and put up a fight further on into the night, lasting until the fifth entrant comes in, possibly.

Elimination #3: Ryback

I would love to see The Big Guy win the title, but I have no faith that that will happen. Instead, a consolation prize would be for him to at least eliminate King Barrett. Those two can start a feud with each other based on that, if WWE has no other plans, but my ideal scenario would be to build Ryback up to fight the man who wins the title. Ryback would need to be taken out by either Rusev or Sheamus, since both of them are big enough to be able to take him down realistically. Between those two, I think Rusev will be the one to do the honors, as Rusev more than anybody else cannot go this entire match without making at least one elimination. I don’t think Ryback will be tapping out, necessarily, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rusev scoring the pin and taking him out of commission.

Elimination #4: Rusev

Here’s where things go bad for Rusev (as if they haven’t already over the past few months). Since he is possibly injured, WWE may have to limit the amount of time that he’s in the ring. Having him sit out the first few entrances allows for the illusion that he lasted longer to take place while also not depending upon him being in the finals and having that be a dud. In particular, after duking it out with someone like Ryback, he’s left himself vulnerable to the agile Dolph Ziggler. Since Rusev and Ziggler are currently feuding over Lana, their fates will be intertwined in this match without a doubt. I would think that there’s a chance Rusev destroys Ziggler out of anger and eliminates him, but that would require Ryback to be the person to beat Rusev afterward, as I don’t see Rusev taking the title home with him. If Ryback were to beat Rusev, that tends to lead more toward a feud between those two, which is not going to happen right now. Ziggler has to be the one to score the win over Rusev with a Zig Zag, which has been shown already to put The Bulgarian Brute down as of late. After that elimination, Ziggler is still fair game for Rusev to attack and beat down to make a statement, which leads to the final elimination of the night.

Elimination #5: Dolph Ziggler

At this point, we will be down to just Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler. These two have had their feud recently and for the most part, even though The Celtic Warrior was the aggressor of the two, Ziggler found ways to show him up. Here, though, despite being a much bigger fan of Ziggler than Sheamus, I would think that this ends with an emphatic Brogue Kick straight to Ziggler’s head. There will definitely be a babyface to challenge a heel at the end and there’s a chance it could be Ryback, but no chance for R-Truth. Between the options of Ryback and Ziggler, though, I think it makes more sense for the events to play out with Rusev as mentioned above rather than for Ryback to be in that position.

Winner of the match: Sheamus

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