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Adam Copeland On Designing His Ring Gear, Being Hands-On With His Presentation



During a recent appearance on the “Swerve City” podcast, TNT Champion Adam Copeland shared his insight into designing his own ring gear and his involvement in his wrestling presentation.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how he used to design his own ring gear: ‘I was that kid in grade school, you’ve probably seen all the drawings on the documentary, like I would just sit there and draw … I had probably about 200 different sets of stuff which actually came to see the light of day … over the years what I’ve tried to do is basically make it feel post-apocalyptic, almost Mad Max but then throw some rock and roll in there, and now I wanted to transition a little bit to like a Grindhouse feel. There’s always a method to the idea and I really just, I enjoy it.”

On why he’s so hands-on with his presentation: “For me the whole presentation of your character starts the minute, the second you come through that curtain … to me music is so important, I’ve always been so hands-on with it because it sets the tone not only for the audience but it does for me too, like I want to come out to something that I feel you know and resonates with me and actually means something to me. Not just the character but the person too, anything that I found works has to have an element of truth and truth to Adam the person and Adam the character.”

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