Booker T On Matt Riddle – ‘There’s Only So Much That Can Be Tolerated’


Booker T was not surprised to see Matt Riddle be released from WWE, believing that the Original Bro brought his abrupt exit upon himself.

Riddle was released from WWE last week after a series of controversies, including accusations of sexual assault, infidelity, and a stint in rehab.


On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T addressed Riddle’s departure from WWE. He said,

“There is only so much that is going to be tolerated. It catches up to you, you become a liability.

“I was not shocked or surprised this happened. You put yourself in a position for something to happen. Nine times out of ten it will happen.”

Shortly before his release, Riddle accused a JFK International Airport employee of sexually harassing him, though it was reported that Riddle had caused a drunken scene.

Booker T has also commented on other recent releases and believes that Dolph Ziggler had been “on cruise control” for the past few years.

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