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Booker T Says Tony Khan Admitting To Mistakes Is A “Trap”



During the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T spoke about Tony Khan admitting to his past mistakes and believes Khan using this type of wording is a “trap”.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Booker T on how AEW is similar to WCW: “One thing I can say, AEW is kind of like WCW in a sense. I don’t want to step on anything that Eric Bischoff said, because I don’t compare AEW to WCW. But the likeness between the two companies is that WCW was like a wrestling company before nWo came around. We were like a wrestling company. I don’t think you remember a lot of storylines, or, great storylines that WCW put on before the nWo showed up. But they did put on a lot of damn good wrestling matches.”

On some of AEW storylines being “Shockmaster-ish”: “I compare AEW in somewhat, it’s kind of like a wrestling show. A lot of the guys go out there and put on some displays, let’s just say the FTR and The Young Bucks, that tag team match that those guys had. It was great, it was awesome, it was a wrestling match. That’s the comparison I see with WCW and AEW, that, and that only. There again, some of the storylines are Shockmaster-ish.”

Booker T on how Tony Khan spoke about the Satnam Singh debut: “When Tony Khan went on Busted Open Radio and talked about the Singh debacle, and then defended it to the point he threw somebody under the bus. It wasn’t his idea, ‘I just went along with it, the book stops with me.’ My thing is this, it wasn’t a mistake as far as I’m concerned. Everything went right, as far as I’m concerned, this is not something that I have to defend because it’s the greatest thing that ever happened in professional wrestling, as far as I’m concerned, from the boss’s perspective. That is where I am at if I’m Tony Khan. That right there, I just totally looked at that as a move that did not make him look like a boss.”

On how admitting to mistakes is a trap: “If Tony Khan feels like he made a mistake, and he has to defend it by going on air and saying, ‘hey guys, I made a mistake, and I am going to do it differently next time.’ You just fall into a trap because the fans, there again, they do want to hijack the show, they do want to book it, they do want the show done their way.”

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