Britt Baker is Her Own Person & More Than Adam Cole’s Girlfriend


Britt Baker spoke at the Women of AEW Starrcast panel and discussed finding her own path in wrestling outside of boyfriend, NXT Champion Adam Cole’s shadow:

(h/t: Fightful)

“Because for the longest time, a lot of people only knew me as Adam Cole’s girlfriend, so– and as much as I love him to death and I will never be angry or ashamed of someone that says, ‘Oh, that’s Britt Baker, she’s Adam Cole’s girlfriend,’ but now, with AEW and my position here, and the fact that I’m a dentist and a wrestler and the first woman signed, I feel like now is finally my time where I’m kind of like veering away from that title. And for me, it’s so rewarding. I’m never angry or mad if someone says, ‘oh, that’s Adam Cole’s girlfriend,’ but I am my own person, too. So this I feel like this is my time.”

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