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NewsHeath Talks Turning Down Titus O'Neil's Creative Pitches In WWE

Heath Talks Turning Down Titus O’Neil’s Creative Pitches In WWE



Speaking to Wrestling Shoot Interviews, WWE alumni and Impact Wrestling star Heath reflected on working with Titus O’Neil during his time in WWE.

In July 2014, Slater began to regularly team up with Titus O’Neil, and together they formed “Slater Gator.”

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Heath on working with Titus: “Titus O’Neil, man. Hey, he is a great human being, I ain’t gonna lie. He is a stand-up guy, very good dude, great dad, good friend.”

On how he’d have to turn down ideas Titus O’Neil would come up with to do in the ring: “But, my goodness, some of his ideas in the ring … I’ll be like, ‘Bro, no, we can’t do that. Great thinking, but you physically can’t do that.’ He would always have some ideas, but they wouldn’t be great. … I love Titus to death, that’s my buddy, but in the ring, man, you had to reel him in for sure.”

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