John Cena On The Biggest Lesson He Has Learned From Vince McMahon


Whilst promoting his upcoming film Fast & Furious 9 (Fast 9), John Cena spoke to Chris Van Vliet. In Vliet’s interview with Cena, he asked the sixteen-time world champion what is the biggest lesson Cena he learned through working from Vince. Cena had this to say:

“That’s another hour-and-a-half special maybe even more, I continue to learn from here every single day like there’s not an instance that goes by that I don’t reflect on my experience from the WWE and what he has taught me and oftentimes, learning from osmosis, he doesn’t hit you over the head with the lessons he bestows upon you but, you can learn from his decision making, it says a lot about the person and what you can take, that well is endless and isn’t dried up yet, I continue to learn from him. So, I think the most valuable of all the lessons is just show up and deliver, and that’s something he doesn’t say it’s something he does all the F’in time, he’s always there, he’s always invested, people can question his creative motives, it’s creativity there’s always going to be opinionated. he’s always boots on the ground, he’s always invested and he always believes and is passionate about the product, and I think just showing up and delivering that’s a huge takeaway.”

Cena could well be returning to the WWE in the near future, and on this same media tour he was posed the question over what he would be doing come SummerSlam weekend, you can read his response here.

Full credit to Chris Van Vliet for the quotes used, and you can check out his full interview with John Cena below.


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