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NewsKevin Nash Trashes Wrestlers Complaining About Autograph-Seeking Fans

Kevin Nash Trashes Wrestlers Complaining About Autograph-Seeking Fans



Kevin Nash can’t fathom why wrestlers who once wished for fans to ask for their autograph turn into “d**ks” when that happens.

The subject of fans seeking autographs has been a hot-button issue in recent years, especially after Rey Mysterio refused to sign items he believed the fan intended to sell.

During a recent edition of his “Kliq This” podcast, Nash spoke about fans objecting to those who seek an autograph. He said,

“I mean, for years, you watch someone else come over and ask someone you’re with to have their picture taken with them, and nobody asks you, and I’m like ‘man, it must be cool.’ Then, all of a sudden, you get noticed, and guys turn into dicks. You can’t have both.

“No, the boys, the boys turn into d*cks, because now they’re like *makes grumbling noises* f**k off. You’re a f**king fake wrestler, it’s not like you hit a curve ball, motherf**ker.

“Then there’s always the guy who wants to tell the people while they’re eating at the Waffle House with the rest of the boys that it’s not pilote to bother you when you’re eating a fine meal at the Waffle House, you know? It’s just like, you wanna picture? Come here sit next to me, want me to sign something? Here. You learn on this planet that if someone wants your s**t, to sign something. It takes 30 seconds to do it, but it takes four minutes to be a d**chebag and explain why you’re not signing something.”

Earlier this week, AEW’s Nyla Rose called out fans who wait at the airport for autographs they intend to sell online for a profit.

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