Kurt Angle Opens Up About Disappointments While With TNA


Kurt Angle has done just about everything there is to do in the world of wrestling. He is a WWE Hall of Famer, an Olympic gold medalist, and has won major titles for every promotion he’s been a part of.

Recently, Kurt referenced some of his regrets on a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, focusing on what he wished had gone differently during his stint with TNA. Angle spoke about his role for the company and his disappointment in being unable to realize the full extent of the promotion’s potential. Angle said,


“I wish that I would have been able to help the company more. I wish that I could have made the company bigger. I did everything I could. Some actions that I took didn’t necessarily help the company. It did hurt the company, like my DUIs and stuff like that, but I always wanted to better the company. That’s what my role was in the company. Whether it was wrestling or PR or whatever it was, or money, trying to get more money for the company, I’ve always been into making sure that TNA could be the biggest and best company possible.”

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