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Matt Riddle – ‘I Was Going To Win MITB Instead Of Austin Theory’


Matt Riddle was scheduled to become Mr. Money in the Bank in 2022 before plans changed, according to the former WWE Superstar himself.

On a recent virtual signing for “Signed by Superstars,” Riddle shared that he was going to capture the coveted briefcase in 2022 before Vince McMahon interfered. He said,

“Wanna hear something else cool? I was supposed to win Money in the Bank but Vince (McMahon) really likes Austin Theory and literally hours before, they changed it and Austin was added in and threw me off the ladder. After I took two huge ladder bumps off the RKO and everything else and it’s like… But, I love Austin Theory and I’m happy for him. Keep killing it bro.”

While Theory would capture the briefcase, he would unsuccessfully cash in on then-U.S. Champion Seth Rollins, marking the first Men’s cash-in not for a World Championship.