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Nic Nemeth Responds To Matt Cardona, Match Set For GCW The Coldest Winter 2



Nic Nemeth took to Twitter to issue his response to Matt Cardona’s challenge at GCW No Compadre.

As we previously reported here on eWn, Cardona called out the former Dolph Ziggler via a video package, challenging him to a match in GCW.

In his response to Cardona, Nemeth said, “You know, this really makes me wonder if The Indy God has any idea what kind of records one must break in college, just to be accepted at a top wrestling school or the vaguest clue of what it’s like to lead a wrestling team as a captain. I have an MD from Louisville. I am more certified in cardiovascular medicine and traumatic injury, and I have been awarded salutations from several online message boards in New York, and I am never, ever sick at sea. So I ask you this. When someone buys a ticket to a wrestling show and they make their way to their seats, and they drop down on their knees and pray to god that their favorite doesn’t get hurt, or that the star doesn’t bleed out in front of them, or that the best match on the card doesn’t suffer trauma from post-operative shock or even worse, get less than five-stars, who do you think they’re praying to?”

He continued, “Now you go ahead and you read your dirtsheets, Matthew, and you have your live podcast shows, and you call yourself anything you want. With any luck, you’ll be PWI Wrestler of the Year. But if you are looking for the best, he’s been operating with unparalleled precision since 2004 and does not like to be second-guessed. You. Call yourself The Indy God? Let me tell you something, brother. You are. But you will never be me. Later, mark.”

Soon after Nemeth’s Twitter video, GCW announced that Nemeth and Cardona would lock horns at ‘The Coldest Winter 2’ event on February 3.

Additionally, Nemeth debuted for TNA at Hard To Kill 2024 where he was revealed as the company’s big new signing.

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