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NewsTiffany Stratton - 'Main Roster Women’s Talent Appearing On NXT Isn't Needed'

Tiffany Stratton – ‘Main Roster Women’s Talent Appearing On NXT Isn’t Needed’



Tiffany Stratton believes the NXT women’s division is thriving these days.

While the reigning WWE NXT Women’s Champion supports the idea of some of the main roster talents coming to the brand to teach the rookies like herself some things, she doesn’t believe they are needed on television. She said,

“I definitely feel like it’s [main roster talents appearing on NXT] not needed. I feel like NXT should just be for the girls in NXT and the NXT division. But it does help a lot to have someone like Rhea Ripley come down, Dana Brooke, Nattie Neidhart to help the NXT girls and guide them through things and help establish them better. I do think it’s a big help though.”

She added (reposted from earlier), “I think we have a really good women’s division at NXT. I think it’s one of the better ones compared to Raw and SmackDown. At NXT I feel we have such a spotlight for the women. I definitely feel on RAW and SmackDown it’s not as much of the spotlight for the women. We have a lot of young talent. Thea Hail, for instance, is only 19 years old. Roxanne Perez, who is basically 21. Cora Jade, 22. I definitely think there is a lot of future within the NXT women’s division. I can definitely see a lot of the girls taking over within the next three or four years on Raw and SmackDown.”

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