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Tommy Dreamer Addresses Big Cass’ Seizure, Shoots On Triple H, PCO & Others


Mike Johnson of Pwinsider posted the following update from Friday night’s House of Hardcore live event:

Tommy Dreamer came to the ring after the intermission of the House of Hardcore live event and asked fans to say a prayer for Big Cass. For those who will undoubtedly, ask, this was not a work and not part of the show.

Tommy Dreamer said that there was a lot of things that happened leading into this show. Edge’s mother passed away and Dreamer put her over and said she was Edge’s rock. Marko Stunt was to be a surprise but broke his leg. Joey Ryan tore his pec. PCO canceled on him last night and he said, “Thanks buddy.” The crowd booed that. He said PCO opted not to come because he signed a contract with a bigger company. Dreamer said if he wants to no show him, that’s cool but when you no show these people, you show your ass. He said that when you see me, “Don’t hey brother me.” Dreamer said he was trying to replace him with a WWE star and joked that didn’t happen because Triple H was mad HOH outdrew NXT in Wisconsin.

He said he spent $20,000 on this show and now he doesn’t have an opponent. He then told a story about how he was traveling so much around Thanksgiving. He had flown to Portland and landed when his wife and kids called crying because they were driving home from Michigan when their car was hit by a deer but somehow his wife, kids and his two dogs all somehow were OK. He said we are all here by the grace of God and everyone is so lucky to be alive. Dreamer said if he was gone tomorrow, everyone here supported him and would support him. He told the fans he loved them and thanked them for all the support they gave him and House of Hardcore this year.

Dreamer said he wanted to thank Joe Koff from ROH for the favor he did for House of Hardcore tonight and said he owes Koff and ROH a favor. He thanked everyone again for their support.

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It’s the Briscoes. Huge pop. That was the favor.

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