TOP TEN: The Top 10 Superstars In WWE This Week


The following is a new feature. The Top 10 Rankings. Each week, will post lists of top ten rankings for both WWE and TNA. First up this week are the top ten Superstars and/or Tag-Teams in WWE. We base the rankings off of week-to-week performances, and unfortunately, WWE storylines have a large say in where each individual or group is ranked. If they’re booked to lose, no matter how good they are, or how much you may like them, it’s going to affect their placement on the list. With that said, let’s take a look at this week’s Top 10 WWE Rankings.

#1. John Cena

It’s hard to argue Cena as the number one guy this week in WWE. He returned several months early from triceps surgery. He won the World Heavyweight Championship in his first match back. He defended the title and forced Damien Sandow to join himself on the short list of Money In The Bank winners who cashed in their briefcase unsuccessfully. For those reasons, John Cena tops this week’s list.

#2. Randy Orton

Sure, he had help from several outside entities in the Hell In A Cell battle with Daniel Bryan on Sunday, but he got his hand raised. He ended the three-pay-per-view main events in a row against Daniel Bryan with a record of 1-1-1. The one loss was overturned due to a fast count. The victory was tainted, but a victory nonetheless. And, well, the no contest was just weird. Either way, Orton has the gold, and the number two spot on our list this week.

#3. CM Punk

He made good on his promise. He finally beat all of the Paul Heyman guys clean, and got his hands on Heyman, just like he said he would. He won his Hell In A Cell match on Sunday, and followed it up with a one-sided beat down of Ryback in a non-cage match rematch on RAW the next night. He’s once again “The Best In The World,” and he’s our bronze medal winner this week. CM Punk takes the top spot underneath the two current WWE World Champions.

#4. Daniel Bryan

He went 1-1-1 as well in his last three pay-per-view main events, but he didn’t walk away with the gold. The one time he did get his hand raised, it was overturned the next night. However, when he lost this past Sunday, it took three top stars to get it done. He gained a small amount of revenge the next night on RAW by forcing the WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels to tap out to his “Yes! Lock.” He was later beat up by The Wyatt Family for doing so, but hey, that was three-on-one, and an attack from behind. Daniel Bryan lands in at number four on our list this week.

#5. Goldust & Cody Rhodes

The only thing keeping the current WWE Tag-Team Champions at the bottom of the top-five is the fact that they lost on RAW on Monday night. Circumstances aside, they got beat by The Real Americans. They did succeed on Sunday at Hell In A Cell in arguably the best match on the show, and they’ve been on a role lately. For those reasons, The Rhodes Brothers just made the top five portion of this week’s top ten.

#6. The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family have quietly been on a role lately. They’ve beaten up and tortured The Miz for weeks now. While they haven’t had many top-tier matches to speak of this week, they did beat up two former champions and top Superstars in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan on RAW this past Monday night. For those reasons, The Wyatt Family lands in at number six on our rankings this week.

#7. Big E. Langston

After months of having nothing much to brag about, Big E. Langston is finally getting his name on the map in WWE. He popped up on the WWE Hell In A Cell Kickoff Show on Sunday night and challenged Dean Ambrose, once his match against Curtis Axel fell-through due to injury. He managed to get the win, albeit by count out, on Sunday, and followed that up with another win, by disqualification, on Monday night. He later lost a six-man tag-team match on RAW, but he wasn’t the one laying down flat for the three count. Big E. Langston comes in at number seven this week.

#8. AJ Lee

If only the Divas division were deeper, the lovely AJ Lee may be higher on this list. Unfortunately for her, she’s beating the same people over and over again, so the importance of those wins are devalued. On top of that, there’s a lot of outside interference contributing to her victories. Despite all of that, AJ Lee stands tall as the reigning WWE Divas Champion another week, and for that reason, she earns a spot in the top ten rankings.

#9. Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow is an interesting one. He did become only the second person to ever cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase and not win a WWE Championship, but how much of that blame can be placed on his shoulders? In reality, Sandow went 1-1 this week, with a win over Kofi Kingston in the WWE Hell In A Cell Kickoff Show. He gave the number one ranked guy on this list all he could handle and then some on Monday night, even though he ultimately came up short. For those reasons, Damien Sandow just makes this week’s top ten list.

#10. Los Matadores

It’s one goofy-ass gimmick. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at the facts. The duo has been on a roll lately, getting their hands raised every time they step into the squared circle. They’re beating out tag-team after tag-team in an admittedly thin division in WWE, yet no one can deny the fact that they’re rapidly “rising through the ranks.” For that reason, and that reason alone, Los Matadores (and their lovable buddy El Torito) just barely crack the top ten rankings this week.

What do you, the fans, think of the above top ten rankings? How do your own personal top ten rankings look? Post your thoughts in the “Comments” section directly below.

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