Trial Against Rhaka Khan For Kidnapping & Child Custody Interference Delayed


Rhaka Khan’s planned trial on charges of aggravated kidnapping and interference with child custody has been delayed. In a report provided by PWInsider, the El Paso trial for the Rhaka Khan (real name Trenesha Daniyall Biggers) has been pushed back to October 30th. The trial was scheduled to begin on August 7th, having been pushed back from April 3rd. Rhaka was indicted on the charges back in August of 2019.

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Khan is set for a status conference on August 13th on another charge for interfering in public duties related to a charge filed against her in 2017. In the court of law, aggravated kidnapping can either be a first or second degree felony. If it’s a first, it is punishable by up to $10,000 in fines and five years to life in prison. It’s unknown which charge it is at this time.

Khan has posted a couple YouTube videos below where she talks about those charges.

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