Video Message From Brian Kendrick Before TNA Release


Shelly Martinez has posted a video of her recent encounter with Brian Kendrick. It features a message from the one-time X Division Champion that was filmed shortly before his departure from TNA Wrestling last week explaining why did not achieved greater success in the organization despite his supreme talent. “For two years I’ve had a knot in my stomach, a burning knot that leaves me starving but disgusted by food. I need to eat but I can’t. And then Shelly comes along. She reminded me that I’ve been enlightened this whole time. I just had the definition of enlightenment. I know who I am! I’m Brian Kendrick. The most talented wrestler to ever step foot in the TNA ring. My training is second to none; Shawn Michaels, William Regal, Tracy Smothers, Robbie Brookside, Bobby Eaton. These are the men that have the privilege to claim they trained me. Now you can combine the rest of your TNA roster and it’s still not going to equal my resume,” Kendrick says.

He continues, “I’ve realized that, the reason I have this twisted knot in my stomach is because I’ve been taken everyone else’s burden as my own. We’re not one. There’s a reason I’m disgusted; I’m disgusted by you. And there’s a reason I haven’t made it to the top; it has nothing to do with lack of enlightenment, it has nothing to do with lack of ability. It has everything to do with lack of being a phony. I’m not a phony and so I don’t excel. And on top of that, well, lack of nepotism. I don’t have a father running things.”

Kendrick then thanks Shelly for believing in him.

You can view the video below:

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