Monday, April 15, 2024
NewsWWE Speed Match Was A Surprise To Those At SmackDown

WWE Speed Match Was A Surprise To Those At SmackDown



The new ‘Speed Match’ came as a surprise to those at a recent episode of WWE SmackDown, it has been revealed.

The new match type was introduced before a SmackDown episode earlier this month. The fast-paced match gives Superstars a five-minute time limit to get the win.

Fightful Select reports the match was a surprise to many at the SmackDown taping and that plans are in motion for the matches to be aired.

“Fightful’s Corey Brennan is told that many working WWE Smackdown didn’t even know WWE Speed was happening until shortly before the show. We’ve learned that the plan is for the show to run on social media platforms if they launch it.”

WWE filmed the matches and had the commentators call the action so it appears they will be aired. So far though, no WWE Speed matches have been broadcast.

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