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Adam Copeland – ‘WWE Shut Down Gangrel Role At WrestleMania 39’



Adam Copeland has revealed that he tried to get a WrestleMania 39 appearance for Gangrel in 2023, but the idea was ultimately ‘shut down.’

Ahead of his Hell in a Cell match with Finn Balor, there was speculation that Gangrel would appear to counter any potential interference by The Judgment Day.

On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, Copeland revealed that he tried to get his Brood ally in SoFi Stadium. He said,

“I tried and I just got shut down. Every person shut it down. [Why?] So this isn’t a knock on WWE, but I’d always get the ‘well nobody remembers.’ People remember, wrestling fans remember and I think wrestling fans want to be rewarded for remembering. And that’s a way to reward them. That’s what I’ve always felt.

“I think, you know, you fast forward to me and Matt Cardona doing a Cope Open. And his music hits and he comes out. I mean, they remembered. And so I’ve always been a fan of pulling in things from the past and kind of integrating them into current things. But yeah, that was one I just kept getting shut down. I realized, okay, that was not a hill to die on because it didn’t get to happen. It’s not my sandbox, I got to do with what I’ve been given.”

Copeland, as Edge, would defeat Balor inside Hell in a Cell in what would be the Rated-R Superstar’s 14th and final WrestleMania match.

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