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NewsWWEScott Steiner Recalls Changing Into Big Poppa Pump In 1998

Scott Steiner Recalls Changing Into Big Poppa Pump In 1998



During a tag team title defense against The Outsiders at SuperBrawl VIII, Scott Steiner turned on his brother Ric Steiner and joined the nWo. In the months that followed, Big Poppa Pump was unleashed.

During a Q&A session at “Music City Multi Con,” Steiner discussed the reason for his character change in WCW.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his feud with Rick and change into Big Poppa Pump: “It was time for me to change. I was getting pretty much sick of everything, and I had a different attitude at that point. That’s really why I changed, went blonde, as soon as I did that that night, turned on my brother, I bleached my hair because I knew I couldn’t go out there and try to be the same guy.”

On losing his first PPV match after his character change: “You don’t do that to the first guy who just repackaged you know? But you try and make chicken salad out of chicken s**t, so I just kept working on the character … work on my interviews, tried to be a bastard and people took off.”

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