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NewsWWEShawn Michaels Addresses Past Accusations That The Rockers Took Advantage Of Women

Shawn Michaels Addresses Past Accusations That The Rockers Took Advantage Of Women



On Thursday’s WWE NXT: Vengeance Day media call to promote Sunday’s pay-per-view event, Shawn Michaels, who oversees WWE NXT creative, was asked about Brutus Beefcakes’ accusations from a decade ago during a shoot interview.

Beefcake said, “Listen, the Rockers loved those halcions [sleep aid medication], man. They freakin — boom — they’d drop them on all the broads and then they’d get them back to their room and they’d pass out and then [The Rockers] would take the laundry off and they’d have a good time with them and then throw them out in the hallway and sh*t naked. Needless to say, they got in trouble in a few hotels.”

Michaels said, “I’ll say this, I’ve never shied away from the stupid stuff I did in the past. If you go back and ask Brutus Beefcake, he’ll tell you, one, never seen any of that actually happen. Again, wrestling stories. He’s also retracted that after saying it. I can say this. I’ve had a lot of struggles in my life and I don’t know how to say this without sounding shameful, but being with a lady was not something Shawn Michaels had a difficult time doing. I’ve never been in a situation where it was not consensual in any way, shape, or form. I’ve never taken advantage of someone in that respect. Those things are done for two reasons, and I’ve had a lot of counseling in my lifetime. The reason you do that stuff is because you dislike women or you have power issues. Shawn Michaels did not have those. He had insecurity issues and he had problems feeling like he wasn’t enough. That’s why you go to drugs and downers. The other stuff is build on power and disrespecting women, which is something I’ve never had. Any accusations against me as far as non consensual time with a woman simply is not true. That’s why they’ve never come up in anything other than, and I don’t mean to be mean to you guys, but it’s never come up in anything other than wrestling stories. Back in the day, it was dirt sheets and those things start from guys spinning a lot of stories that weren’t true.”

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