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ResultsTNAImpact Wrestling Results (6/23/2020) -- Fulton vs. Edwards

Impact Wrestling Results (6/23/2020) — Fulton vs. Edwards



Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing June 23rd, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Edwards vs. Austin Street Fight

#1. Tasha Steelz (w/ Kiera Hogan) vs. Neveah (w/ Havok) — Winner: Tasha Steelz

– We see a video of Deonna Purrazzo on Busted Open Radio. Jordynne Grace randomly appears on the show and says she is going to f****** crush her. Purrazzo says she’s just been disrespectful, classless and cannot see what she is doing is wrong, and Deonna promises she will become the champion. It gets pretty heated.

– At the Impact tapings, Alisha Edwards interrupts Deonna’s interview and offers her some advice. But The Virtuosa doesn’t want any of that, nor any of her family drama. They will face each other later tonight.

– Willie Mack will not join Johnny Swinger as his tag team partner tonight. After that, The North are backstage with the tag team titles. Ethan Page thinks everyone should be shining their boots and kissing their asses, but no no… they’re all watching Ken Shamrock matches and ignoring greatness. Page starts ranting about Shamrock… who walks up behind him. Ethan turns around and looks like he’s seen a ghost. Shamrock looks like he’s about to kill him, but Josh Alexander steps in and wants a match, in which Ken gladly accepts.

– Backstage, Moose is still trying to sell himself as the real World Champion to referees and others. Crazzy Steve laughs his way in calling him the fake champion, singing a random tune about him not being the real world champ. Moose offers him a title match next week, and Steve laughs at the fact he could become the new fake champ.

#2. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Alisha Edwards — Winner: Deonna Purrazzo with the Fujiwara Armbar

Jordynne Grace makes a beeline for the ring, but The Virtuosa escapes and says they will do it on her time.

– Johnny Swinger is talking to Suicide, asking if he wants to be his tag team partner tonight. In the middle of Swinger’s promo in to the camera, Suicide walks away, and Swinger turns around to see he’s disappeared. Will anyone accept his invitation? After the break, Swinger’s talking to Hernandez, who says he’ll be his partner if he can beat him in an arm wrestling contest. Safe to say, Hernandez destroys him. He does give him a consolation prize though, a micro Rhino figurine. Next up is Taya Valkyrie, with Swinger saying it will be the first time a woman wrestles a guy. Wow… ok, so Taya is looking for Johnny Bravo and she would never team with Swinger.

– The match between Ken Shamrock and Josh Alexander doesn’t happen because The North attack him during his entrance. The World’s Most Dangerous Man tries fighting back, but the tag team champions are too much for him.

#3. Taya Valkyrie (w/ Johnny Bravo) vs. Suzie — Winner: Taya Valkyrie with The Road To Valhalla

Taya abuses Suzie, demanding to know where her friend is. Kylie Rae rushes out and super kicks Valkyrie out of the ring… she certainly doesn’t like anyone picking on her new best friend.

– Jimmy Jacobs gets a word with Madman Fulton. Last week, we saw him show his allegiance to Ace Austin… who walks out of the locker room and demands he talks to him. Ace says Fulton wasn’t the weak link of oVe, and what this is all about, is Fulton helping him to become the youngest world champion of all time.

– Johnny Swinger meets up with Chris Bey, saying the Swing Man delivers. Their tag team partner is Rohit Raju…. Bey hates it immediately and leaves.

#4. The Deaners & Willie Mack vs. Chris Bey, Johnny Swinger & Rohit Raju — Winners: Chris Bey, Johnny Swinger & Rohit Raju

– D’Lo Brown is backstage on the laptop. Reno Scum roll up and start insulting him. TJ Perkins and Fallah Bahh don’t like what they’re doing and also don’t appreciate being blamed for taking out Trey. Looks like we got another match lined up for next week.

#5. Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin) vs. Eddie Edwards — Winner: Madman Fulton with The End Of Days

— Impact Wrestling Results (6/23/2020) —

Impact Wrestling Results (6/23/2020)

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