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NewsReview Of The 11/15 Edition Of WWE SmackDown

Review Of The 11/15 Edition Of WWE SmackDown

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Welcome to the Smackdown review. We kick things off with our opening contest …

Wyatt Family def. The Usos

A really fun match and these two always put on a good match together. Luke Harper has “it” when he is in the ring and Officials are high on him for a good reason. Wyatt’s can be a big deal if booked correctly.

R-Truth and Prime Time Players def. 3MB

If you watched Main Event then you saw 3MB win and if you watched Smackdown then you saw R-Truth and the PTP win. If you watch Raw then it will end in a no contest. Smile folks it’s all about the entertainment. Quantity not Quality.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel end in a no-contest

A fun back and forth action match, Punk and Bryan have awesome chemistry in the ring together and I wouldn’t mind seeing them as a full time team down the road. I’m still trying to figure out why they have Ryback and Axel as a team when there not Paul Heyman guys? Without Heyman as his speaking box I don’t know how Axel will do by himself. There is talent there but will WWE have the patients to wait for him to grow.

Overall: A very fast episode of Smackdown that didn’t enhance the point of selling Survivor Series, but did give us a good share of quality matches.

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