Seth Rollins Admits Jon Moxley’s WWE Heel Turn Was Disappointing, and More


During a recent “stage show” with Gorilla Position, Seth Rollins commented on Jon Moxley’s heel turn following Roman Reigns announcing he had leukemia, and more. You check out some highlights from the interview below:

On making the decision: “Triple H came to us and told Ambrose and I that it was our decision. If we wanted to continue, if we wanted to do it this night, that was up to us. If we felt like it was wrong, if it felt like something we needed to push back another week, we could do that as well. Ambrose and I decided collectively that it would be best to do it that night. We thought the emotional response would be proper and that Roman, he wouldn’t mind. It is pro wrestling, you know? We are in the business of telling stories and a lot of that involves emotional rollercoasters. We wanted to do that and I thought from a storytelling perspective it turned out really well.”

On the follow up: “Had we carried the story better after that? It would have been an awesome rivalry going into WrestleMania, but things changed. I don’t regret doing it that night. I just wish we would have had a better opportunity to have a good story moving forward after that, instead of Ambrose having to cut promos about how the crowd makes him sick and all that nonsense.”

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