2019 Hall of Fame Inductee Stevie Ray Responds to Criticism From Dave Meltzer


It was announced yesterday that Harlem heat would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a tag team. For Booker T’s brother, Stevie Ray, this meant the culmination of a hard-fought journey.

However, there are those that feel like Harlem Heat isn’t worthy of a WWE Hall of Fame induction. One such person is Dave Meltzer. Upon hearing that Dave didn’t think that he was worthy of a WWE Hall of Fame induction, this is what Stevie Ray had to say on Twitter:

“In Dave Meltzer’s opinion, I’m not worthy of the #WWEHallOfFame. That’s fine because that’s his opinion, but I was voted in by my peers. I got respect in this business which is more than I can say for him. When the HOF is over, fans will get to hear what I really think of Dave.”

What do you think, are you excited for the Hall of Fame? Tell us your favorite Harlem Heat memories in the comments below!

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