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WWE Backstage Report: April 7, 2020



It’s the Backstage After WrestleMania Weekend!

WrestleMania brought us NEW WWE World, Universal and Women’s Tag Team Champions! Backstage will discuss those outcomes and so much more!

Renee Young returns with the panel!

She, Booker T, Paige and Christian are all here via video chat to discuss the wild week in the WWE! Also celebrate six years of Paige in the WWE! Today was the day she debuted and took the WWE Diva’s Championship! But from one historic moment to two others, the WWE Universe is still buzzing after seeing both the Boneyard Match and Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania! The Undertaker left AJ Styles for dead on Night 1, and there is so much to talk about! Booker’s feelings on the concept and execution is a five star movie! That was Friday the 13th right there. Taker was awesome, Styles stepped up, and Mick Foley put it best: he wants to be in the second Boneyard Match! Booker, however, does not.

Paige says the Boneyard match was interesting. Does it suit anyone outside the Undertaker? Who knows. But it was enjoyable, theatrical, and even having the music was great. She agrees that Styles did a great job, but the question is: Is Styles alive in kayfabe? Christian says Styles is DONE, as Booker might say. But for a brand new match type that no one knew anything about, it was a blank canvas for Styles and Taker. It was cinematic and well done. This adds to the allure of Taker, and can be used when the timing and opponent are right.

Then on Night 2, it was the Firefly Fun House match that was also very cinematic in presentation. Paige has been a huge advocate for Bray Wyatt, so what was her reaction? We were on this “massive acid trip” together. Paige has known Bray since day one, and that creative masterpiece was definitely powered by him. Back in FCW’ promo class, Bray had the lots of creative ideas. This was beautiful, and John Cena was a good sport. Renee agrees, it takes two to tango. Booker’s thoughts are that, along with the Boneyard Match, it was a matter of when the “match” would start. The Firefly Fun House Match went across time and space with the Ruthless Aggression Era, the nWo, and so much more. Booker wants to rewatch it just so he can catch all the references. He’s still on the fence, but he’ll get back to us.

Christian says he had his own interpretation. He likes that they were on different nights, because they had to, but WrestleMania was the perfect platform for those matches. His interpretation of Bray taking Cena through his WWE career and saying, “Hey, look. Because of the way that you look, because of the way that you’re built physically, you had the potential to be the golden boy, the golden goose for the WWE.” Cena was the kind of guy the WWE would put on posters, in movies, in press situations. Cena got chance after chance to ensure he’d make it. But then a guy like Bray is given a chance, maybe doesn’t hit it out of the park, and is just done. Bray holds that against Cena, and Christian says the match was the culmination of that feeling.

Then given these cinematic matches, what more can the WWE do to move away from being stuck in the Performance Center? World circumstances of course being what they are, Booker says that those can be “back by popular demand.” Booker says it could be like the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich! Get one while they’re here! But what else can they do differently? Booker watched Raw last night, and he saw the new talent having moments they hadn’t had. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander as a team impresses Booker. Having new combinations and faces will spice things up.

Christian says cinematic matches can’t just be thrown out all over the place. Those need to be rare to keep them special or they lose all meaning. As for new things, try some Attitude Era moments where it interviews are just as superstars arrive. Maybe feature more areas within the WWE PC, just like the Orton VS Edge Last Man Standing match did. Maybe Becky uses her 18-wheeler to start smashing cars. Just something to mix it up.

But speaking of fresh and new… Coming up after the break, the fresh new WWE World Champion, DRRREW! MCINTYRRRE!

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