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WWE Backstage Report: April 7, 2020



Drew McIntyre returns Backstage!

The Scottish Stud joins Renee and Christian and gives a little waves. How is he feeling after WrestleMania? He’s alright, for doing nonstop media since 1:15 AM on Sunday because of the UK. And then he just kept going and is loving it. After all, he’s talking about himself and the WWE and beating Brock Lesnar in five minutes. So how did it feel that exact moment when he was declared winner? It still doesn’t feel real. The look on his face says it all, if you watch it back. WrestleMania 36 had to be different from any other event he’d ever done. Under normal circumstances, 80 THOUSAND people would be screaming bell to bell and you get lost in that adrenaline. Christian understands how that feels. And it’s not until you’re alone in your hotel room much later that night that the real emotion comes out.

But with no crowd around, McIntyre let a glimpse of that show in those moments right after the bell. McIntyre saw the title being handed to him and it started to sink in. But then he snapped back and remembered to finish out the show. The camera came close and normally you’re not supposed to look into it, but he couldn’t help himself with that moment being so real. McIntyre says it here now, he thanks everyone that has always believed and still will believe in him. And thanks for choosing to watch and be part of WrestleMania, even with everything that’s going on in the world right now. McIntyre is sure something was edited out by now but he just wants us to know that was all real emotion that night. And he has the belt as proof!

Renee asks if he wears the belt around the house all day. McIntyre tries, but when he tries to be the boss and tell the wife to do something, she puts him back in his place. The McIntyre home hierarchy is the cats, the wife, then him. Christian asks what it means to be the first UK-born WWE Champion. It’s crazy, but it was among the goals McIntyre had when he first came to America. It’s “wild” that wrestlers like William Regal, Wade Barrett or the British Bulldog never got to have this title. As we know, McIntyre didn’t do it his first time around, either. He had to claw and scratch his way back, but now he’s on top after winning at WrestleMania against Lesnar. Add that to being the first-ever, that’s amazing and fitting of his story. Winning in front of 80 thousand would’ve actually seemed less fitting.

Renee asks where was McIntyre when he watched it all. He was with his wife and cats, of course. He hates watching himself, but he loves watching WrestleMania. So they were on the couch, watching the first WrestleMania since 23, back in 2007. Then 24 was in Orlando, his first one while with FCW. He even helped take down the ring at the end of the night. He and Sheamus almost got hit by lighting equipment that fell from the ceiling, actually. But he’s been busy ever since, so it was great to just sit and watch that weekend. It definitely took his mind off of everything going on.

But again, he felt odd watching himself, except for that final pin and the win. To make it real for himself, he didn’t let himself have the belt until that night because nothing is real in the WWE until it happens on screen. He mostly wanted to make sure they didn’t change it on him. But the broadcast had it with him winning, he ran upstairs and grabbed the belt, and held onto it. Christian remembers feeling like that. The old World Heavyweight Championship sits out and you want to touch it. He never did, though, until he earned it.

Renee notes that about a decade ago, Vince McMahon had McIntyre debut as “The Chosen One.” How does it feel to actually be the top guy now? Well again, it’s wild. McMahon is like a sorcerer and he predicted the future. McMahon predicted the company public and the WWE Network becoming reality. And while McIntyre didn’t become the champion back then, he became champion now. The journey was worth it. If McIntyre became champion 10 years ago, he knows he would’ve bombed, sucked, etc. McIntyre knows now he needed the journey he went on. That journey molded McIntyre into both the man and the wrestler he is today, and there is nothing he isn’t ready for. He knows the world is going through difficult times, and he hopes to keep entertaining everyone on Raw now that he’s the flag bearer.

Christian notes on the “road less traveled” career, McIntyre was a guy that left the WWE. Christian relates how he also left and used that to find himself. McIntyre did that, came back and earned everything here. How has all that changed him? Well it changed McIntyre drastically, but especially in his life outside the ring. He has matured, in large part thanks to his wife. Inside the ring, McIntyre had to get away. There was no way he could transition from Three Man Band back to something serious, and he just needed that time to become this McIntyre. McIntyre had to apply all the lessons he learned, and is grateful that many other companies put their own faith in him. He was able to learn how to be the leader in those places, and was able to strengthen the other areas of his work.

McIntyre admits his Scottish accent can be hard for others to understand, so he perfected verbalizing and articulating. All the little things that add up to being a top guy came into place. Again, doing media, he’s been doing it nonstop since this weekend. He can’t put it into words, but he will say he is a passionate man. He’s just so excited that he’s “the bloody WWE Champion. What the hell?!” But yes, he did it! He is the very top of the mountain!

Renee notes that with the world being where it is right now, McIntyre is WWE Champion in a very unique time in history. What pressure does that put on him already? None really. It’s obviously different, such as filming on a closed set at the PC with very strict health guidelines. McIntyre had a locker room to himself, in fact. But as long as we can all push forward, stay safe and continue with original content to keep everyone entertained, he’s all for it. Everyone else wants to do that, and he is now captain of the ship. McIntyre is proud of the WWE for stepping up during this difficult time in the world.

Renee agrees with all that and is sure the WWE is in good hands with him as the new champion. Congratulations again, and everyone looks forward to McIntyre’s third time on Backstage. Hopefully it’ll be after things can return to normal. McIntyre loved having his moment, but he wants the fans to be able to return and join him in that. Christian adds that he is very proud of McIntyre. They’ve had long talks over the years, and McIntyre thanks Christian for all the help and support. And even Renee for her part interviewing 3MB. She does remember those days.

But there are many other new champions to talk about, when WWE Backstage returns!

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